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phpRoster is licensed under the GPL; see license.txt

Setup and configuration of the web server, php, ImageMagick, and mysql must be done before starting phpRoster. It is recommended that phpMyAdmin also be set up before starting phpRoster.


Create a user for phproster in mysql with commands such as the following. They can be run from the mysql command line or from phpMyAdmin.

To start MySQL;
$ mysql -u root -

To create a user and set password:
GRANT CREATE, DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE ON phproster.* to 'phproster'@'localhost';
SET PASSWORD FOR 'phproster'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('********'); (insert your password for ********)

To see what you have created:
SELECT * FROM mysql.user;
SELECT * FROM mysql.db;

Once phpRoster is running, the administrator can start phpMyAdmin from the admin page. To do so, phpMyAdmin must be installed from the root of the web site and must be accessable from the directory /phpMyAdmin, which can be the directory name or a softlink to the phpMyAdmin directory.

To install, copy phpRoster*tar.gz to the root of the web site and untar; for example:

tar -xzvf phpRoster-0.1.3-alpha.tar.gz

For phpRoster to write and set up configuration files, the /phpRoster directory must be set with permissions 770. As my system is configured, user apache becomes the owner of files php creates under the web server. If this is the case for your system, add the user apache to the group owning the directory at the root of the web server. If your web server is configured differently, make your changes accordingly.

Once untarred and permissions are set, start phpRoster from a web browser:


The file /phpRoster/ should be created automatically. If it is not created, permissions for /phpRoster are probably not set correctly. To be able to write, you must either chown from apache:apache to the owner of the web site root or add the owner of the web site root to group apache. Edit /phpRoster/ to set site-specific parameters; these are found at the beginning of the file. Refresh the web browser; you will receive instructions on setting up the database.

phpRoster is in alpha release and is still in early development and test. I am using it for a high school reunion so I am keeping it working. Many features are still on the to do list - see doc-to-do.txt.

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees that phpRoster does anything. See license.txt for details.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Dick Hodgman at


Registration description:

phpRoster is a server-side web application that enables members to enter their own personal data and an image and to view personal data and images of other members.

phpRoster runs on a web server with PHP and MySQL.

phpRoster allows groups like extended families or high school or college classes to share information about members to enhance group interaction and foster interest in activities like reunions.

The site administrator can modify user data as required. Site parameters are stored in a config file. The administrator can configure email notification on events like new account creation and data entry. After further development, the administrator will be able to configure phpRoster to allow self registration and data entry (the default), or can screen requests for member accounts and allow use of the site only upon approval.

Basic functions are complete. More to be done is documented in a to-do list.

In setting up the web server for phpRoster, user apache must be added to the group of the owner of web directories. Permissions on the directories and file in the root and phpRoster must be set to allow group writing, 775.

When joining for the first time, create user administrator. This user will be given ADMIN level automatically.

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